About Lida District

Stability, development and mutual success!

Favorable geographical position, good ecological situation, availability of minerals, forest wealth, qualified personnel - all this allows us to say with confidence that Lida Region has everything necessary for economic growth and success.

Today, Lida is a region with modern industrial and agricultural production, a road-building complex, a wide network of successfully operating educational, healthcare, cultural, physical culture and sports institutions. The spheres of household, trade, transport, housing and communal services are well-developed. The production of the regional enterprises are known far beyond the borders of the Republic of Belarus. Famous brands are: “Lida Flour”, “Lida Pivo”, “Lida Lakokraska”, “MiLida”, “Lida Food Concentrates”, “Neman Glassworks”. A wide range of engineering products are produced, hotdip galvanizing services are provided.

For many years, the landmarks of the town on the Lideya River have been historical sights - “Lida Castle”, Lida Brewery, the church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Cathedral of St. Michael’s Cathedral and others. We have a unique natural environment, picturesque recreation, hunting and fishing areas.We are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation, the establishment of joint ventures, the implementation of projects for the disposal and processing of household waste, the construction of trade and consumer services, car service, the social sector, the modernization of housing stock, etc. The investment in energy-saving technologies and tourism development will be beneficial. Foreign companies wishing to implement their projects in Lida region can become residents of the Grodnoinvest free economic zone.

Knowledge of our history, observance of folk traditions and professionalism helps us to choose the most optimal solutions in any issues, to establish cultural, business, trade and economic ties.

Ancient and young Lida

Lida was founded in 1323, when Grand Duke Gediminas laid the first stone castle of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Ruthenia and Samogitia on the territory of Belarus in the picturesque interfluve of Kamenka and Lidea. A courtyard of 6.6 thousand square meters with an Orthodox church, wooden barracks at the walls and a well was surrounded by the walls of boulder and red brick 12 m high, 2 m thick at the bottom, and 1.5 m thick at the top, with two towers at the corners.

Many romantic, heroic and bloody events are remembered by its walls, but the legends preserved those that foreshadowed the happy fate of Lida Castle and the entire Lida region. There are many interpretations of the name of the town. Most likely, the secret of its name lies in the Baltic language and means “clearing”, a place freed from the forest. “Lida on Lidea – “cutting down on the Pike River”.

Today the castle lives a busy life. Jousting tournaments, historical quests and exhibitions, festivals of medieval tradition and culture are held here. During the summer at the walls Lida Castle has a project “Closed gascinets”. Wedding corteges willingly visit the castle: young couples know that the wedding of King Vladislav Jagaila and Duchess Sofia Golshanskaya was celebrated in the castle. They were founders of the royal Jagiellonian dynasty.

Lida district is located in the central part of Grodno region. It borders on Voronovo, Ivye, Novogrudok, Dyatlovo and Shchuchin districts. The total area of the district is 1,567 sq.km, most of the territory is occupied by arable land (33.9%), forests (27.2%) and meadows (19,8%). Representative and executive power in the district is exercised by the Lida District, Berezovka Town and 12 village Councils of Deputies and executive committees. The population of the 274 urban areas has reached 133 900 people, 103 400 people live in Lida, 9 900 people live in the town of Berezovka, and 20 500 people live in rural areas.

For centuries, representatives of 6 faiths and 60 nationalities have lived in good neighborliness and respect each other in Lida district. 51.4% of the population are Belarusians, Poles – 35.3%, Russians – 9.4%, Ukrainians – 1.7%. There are Lithuanians, Tatars, Jews, Germans, Armenians, Azerbaijanis. There are 49 religious organizations operating in the district, including 20 communities of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, 17 communities of the Roman Catholic Church, 1 - Greek Catholic, 1 - Muslim, 1 - Jewish, 9 – Protestant. 


The agricultural sector of the district is represented by 7 large agricultural organizations and 62 farms. The area of agricultural land is 82.4 thousand hectares, incl. arable land - 60.6 hectares. Cadastral valuation of agricultural land - 31.0 points, arable land - 33.5 points. 

Agricultural organizations of the region are engaged in the production of milk, meat, growing grain and leguminous crops, sugar beets, rapeseed oil seeds, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and berries. The number of workers employed in the production of agricultural products is 1.8 thousand people. There are 45 livestock farms on the farms: 23 of them are dairy farms, incl. 12 dairy complexes. Milk production on dairy farms using modern technologies is more than 70% of the total volume produced in the region. There is a poultry farm for growing broilers, one complex for the production of pork. The number of cattle in the region is 30.2 thousand heads, including 12.5 cows; pigs - 20.4; birds - 100.6 thousand heads. In all farms of the region there are grain drying complexes “LidAray” (KZSV) for the primary processing of grain with a capacity of 30-40 tons per hour. The machine and tractor fleet of agricultural organizations includes: 65 grain harvesters, 26 forage harvesters, 315 tractors, including 47 power-packed tractors, 96 trucks and other modern agricultural equipment.

Trade and consumer service

Retail services for residents of the Lida district are provided by 1,050 retail retail facilities, including 946 shops and 104 kiosks, 7 shopping centers with a retail area of 13.9 thousand square meters, 9 markets for 1579 retail places, 147 catering facilities for 8848 places, including a public network – 102 facilities for 4659 places. There are 29 branded stores, 10 roadside service facilities.

There are shops of 11 large retail food chains of the republic and 23 non–food chains in the district.

Household services to the population of the district are provided by 651 business entities. There are 447 consumer service facilities, including 111 workshops for the maintenance and repair of vehicles, 83 hairdressers, 50 ateliers and workshops for the production, repair of clothing and textile products for household purposes, 25 for the repair of shoes and leather goods, 25 for the repair of household appliances, radio, television and video equipment, 32 photo studios. Residents of rural settlements of the Lida district, in which there are no stationary retail facilities, are serviced by 12 car shops, 11 complex reception points of JSC «Lida Combine of Household Services».



The education system of the Lida district is focused on providing affordable and high-quality education. It consists of 88 institutions: the Lida College of the Yanka Kupala Grodno State University, the Lida State College of Music, the Lida State College of Technology, the Lida State Polytechnic College, 33 institutions of general secondary education, 40 institutions of preschool education, 4 institutions of additional education for children and youth, the center for correctional and developmental training and rehabilitation, social and pedagogical center, 2 family-type orphanages, 3 health camps with round-the-clock stay. There are more than 20,000 students in institutions of general secondary and preschool education. School students demonstrate high performance of participation in the republican Olympiad in academic subjects: 52 diplomas of winners have been won over the past three years. School graduates annually become the owners of hundred-point results on centralized testing.

In educational institutions, 7 collectives have the name «exemplary», 2 folk museums. The district youth parliament and the military-patriotic club «Lida Lions» function. Large–scale projects are being implemented «#Yayrodinamoy» - on patriotic education of preschoolers and «#Economy. Personality. The future» – on the orientation of students to acquire professions that are in demand in the economy of the region.

Lida Central District Hospital

The medical institution «Lida Central District Hospital» is a specialized medical institution, the main purpose of which is to provide advisory and therapeutic and diagnostic assistance to the population of the city of Lida and the Lida district.

The medical network of the healthcare institution «Lida Central District Hospital» is represented by an outpatient service with a total capacity of 1,764 visits per shift, hospitals with a total capacity of 1,052 beds, including 857 beds of the central district hospital, 50 beds in the Berezovskaya city hospital and 145 beds in district hospitals, of which 100 are nursing beds. The total capacity of outpatient health organizations in the Lida district is 1,764 visits per shift.

The network of outpatient clinics of the Lida district is represented by the Central district polyclinic for 1,370 visits per shift, which includes: district and 2 city polyclinics, children’s, dental polyclinics, skin-venereological and neuropsychiatric dispensaries, women’s consultation, Berezovskaya city polyclinic, outpatient clinics in the residential district “Industrial” and “Youth”. The network of rural outpatient organizations contains 4 independent outpatient clinics and 5 outpatient clinics at district hospitals. There are 16 FAPs operating in the Lida district. 2866 people work in the Lida CRH, 566 of them are doctors, including 4 pharmacists, 1310 average medical workers, 990 people of other medical staff. Paid medical services are additional to the volume of free medical care guaranteed by the state and are provided to both citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreign citizens.

All the media in one company

Lida district mass media has been represented by the state agency Editorial Office “LidaMediaCompany" since January 2022. Today « Editorial Office of Lidamediacompany includes: - printed edition - «Lida Newspaper», with a weekly circulation of more than 14 thousand copies; - two round-the-clock FMradio stations - «Leader FM» and «Your Radio», broadcasting of which is distributed on the territory of six districts of Grodno region; - Lida TV channel (programs are available for viewing by all residents of Grodno region on Channel 25 in the interactive television package ZALA and in the networks of almost all cable TV operators of the Grodno region). All communication tools of Lidamediacompany (website, social networks, newspaper, radio and television) work as a well-established mechanism and are aimed at obtaining information in all possible ways. The Telegram channel «News of Lida/ LidaMediaCompany» has gained popularity among residents of the region and far beyond, the number of subscribers increasing every day. Creative projects of regional mass media were awarded with prestigious awards at the national and international levels.


Cultural and educational activities on the territory of the Lida district are carried out by 14 state institutions: 3 club-type, library network, museum, orchestra, 6 children’s art schools, music college, film network. One of the indicators of the high level of development of amateur creativity in the district is the presence of 55 creative teams with the title, including the title of «Honored Amateur Team of the Republic of Belarus» – 3. The State List of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Belarus includes 38 historical and cultural values, which include 54 objects and 1 element of the intangible cultural heritage «Traditional white-flowered weaving of Ponemanya», located on the territory of the Lida district. Traditional and popular festivals and competitions have become popular in Lidchina: the republican festival-contest of children’s art «Lion Cub», the open regional children’s jazz festival-contest «Bird», the festival of children’s pop art «Star Rain», the festival of choreographic art «Crystal Slipper», the republican tournament for sports ballroom dancing «Lida-OPEN» on Mayor’s Cup, district holidays «Seeing off the winter», «Kala Castle on Kupala», etc.

Lida district is ideal for outdoor activities and tourism

In the Lida district there is a sports base: an Ice Palace, 3 sports complexes («Olympia», «Youth», «Rainbow»), FOK «Olympus», FOK «Sparta», 2 stadiums, 2 swimming pools, 13 mini-pools, 69 gyms, 112 adapted rooms for classes physical culture and sports, 137 planar sports facilities, roller ski track, motorcycle track, rowing base, etc. There are 400 physical culture and sports facilities in total. In the Lida district, in the field of physical culture and sports, there are: 8 specialized educational and sports institutions in which 16 sports are cultivated (6 institutions are under the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, 2 institutions belong to the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus), the Lida branch of the Olympic Reserve School, the Lida branch of the regional sports medicine dispensary, the football club «Lida», hockey club «Lida», 2 sports clubs. All conditions for the development of tourism have been created in the Lida district, there is an appropriate infrastructure: 3 hotels, 1 hostel, Hunter’s House, sanatorium «Rainbow», 49 religious buildings, botanical nature monument of local significance «Gorni Park», biological reserve (cranberry) «Dokudovsky», 37 monuments of archeology, history and architecture, department of crafts and traditional Culture of the State Institution «Lida District Methodical Center of Folk Art», State Institution «Lida Historical and Art Museum».